Awards for Excellence Evening

Our annual Awards for Excellence evening was held last week, giving us a chance to recognise and celebrate the wonderful achievements our students have made across the year. Every day, there are students achieving a personal best in classrooms that are humming, in learning spaces that are always thriving and where they are being supported by skilled, professional staff. At the awards night, we provided a centre stage, and the opportunity for individuals to take the spotlight – to shine – and to receive the recognition they deserve for their hard work. I take this moment to congratulate all the award winners across the College.


The major announcement of the evening was the FCJ College Honour Roll. This is the most prestigious award presented by FCJ College. This award is sponsored by the College Alumni. Every year, two students from the graduating class are chosen. These are students who, over the whole course of their time at FCJ College, have demonstrated a positive attitude to all school endeavours, achieved either academic or personal excellence, worked actively within the school for the benefit of others, represented the school, demonstrated Christian leadership qualities and have provided a positive role model for others. The recipients of this award, above all, have demonstrated pride in their College, a willingness to serve others and embody the ethos and values of FCJ College. I am pleased to announce the Honour Roll recipients for 2023 are Hannah Kubeil & Georgia O’Brien.

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