Selecting a secondary school for your child is a very important decision and the transition process for your child is equally important. FCJ College has a comprehensive enrolment process including a meeting with parents and students as well as a school tour so that you feel familiar and comfortable with what we can offer to your child.

Year 7, 2024 Enrolments are now closed. 

If you require any other information regarding enrolling at FCJ College at other year levels or in the future, please contact our Enrolment Registrar Kristy Hanrahan.

Phone: 57621222 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enrolment Application Form

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FCJ College Benalla Enrolment Agreement 

To meet school and government requirements, you will need to provide the school with a completed enrolment form including, among other things, the information listed below.

a. names and addresses of the child and parents/guardians; telephone numbers (home, work, mobile) of parents/guardians;

b. names of emergency contacts and their details;

c. information on additional learning needs (for example, whether your child requires additional support in relation to mobility, language, social skills development, welfare needs, challenging behaviours, adjustments to the curriculum, etc.)

d. medical conditions;

e. specific residence arrangements;

f. parenting agreements or court orders, including any guardianship orders

g. nationality and/or citizenship including the visa subclass granted upon entry to Australia (prior to citizenship being granted) where applicable;


After lodgement of the enrolment form, school staff may need to request further information, for example in relation to any parenting orders, medical conditions or additional learning needs that you have noted on the enrolment form. In addition, it is often useful for parents / guardians to attend a meeting with school staff prior to enrolment to discuss any additional needs your child may have.


2. Fees

2.1. The setting of fee levels and other compulsory charges in Catholic schools is the responsibility of the school, taking into account the allocation of government funds. The school offers a number of methods for paying fees to reduce any financial burden and to assist financial planning. If you have difficulty in meeting the required fee payment, you are welcome to discuss this with the principal of the school.

2.2. The fees must be paid for a child to continue to be enrolled at the school. The school has discretion whether to allow a child to participate in optional or extracurricular school events, such as paid school excursions or extracurricular activities, while fees remain due and payable.

2.3 All families must annually complete a fees payment election form, camps sports and excursion fund (CSEF) application form if eligible and a laptop user agreement. The college finance office will contact families in early term four to confirm the following year’s year level composite school fees and to implement a school fees payment arrangement.

3. Terms of enrolment regarding acceptable behaviour

3.1 The school community recognizes that everyone has the right to be respected, to feel safe and be safe; and, in this regard, understands their rights and acknowledges their obligation to behave responsibly.

3.2. Every person at the school has a right to feel safe, to be happy and to learn; therefore, we aim to:

a) promote the values of honesty, fairness and respect for others

b) acknowledge the worth of all members of the community and their right to work and learn in a positiveenvironment

c) maintain good order and harmony

d) affirm cooperation as well as responsible independence in learning

e) foster self-discipline and develop responsibility for one's own behaviour.

3.3. The school administration, in consultation with the school community wherever appropriate, will prescribe standards of dress, appearance and behaviour for the student body. As a term of your child's enrolment, parents and guardians are expected to comply with the school's behaviour aims and code of conduct, and to support the school in upholding prescribed standards of dress, appearance and behaviour.

3.4. Unacceptable behaviour by a child, or repeated behaviour by a parent or guardian that, in the school's view, is unacceptable and damaging to the partnership between parent/guardian and school, may result in suspension or termination of the child's enrolment.

4. Terms of enrolment regarding provision of accurate information

4.1. It is vitally important that the school is made aware of each child's individual circumstances insofar as these may impact upon their physical, functional, emotional or educational needs, particularly where the school is required to provide additional support to the child.

4.2. Parents and guardians must provide accurate and up-to-date information when completing an enrolment form and must supply the school with any additional information as may be requested, including copies of documents such as medical/specialist reports (where relevant to the child's schooling), reports from previous schools, court orders or parenting agreements. Provision of requested documentation is regarded as a condition of enrolment, and enrolment may be refused where a parent/guardian has unreasonably refused to provide requested information or knowingly withheld relevant information from the school.

4.3. Where, during the course of a child's enrolment, new information becomes available that is material to the child's educational and/or safety /well-being needs, it is a term of the child's continuing enrolment that such information is provided to the school promptly.

4.4. The provision of an inaccurate residential address or failure to provide an updated residential address for the child will also be treated as a breach of the terms of enrolment.

5. Assessment and updates

5.1. Various opportunities are provided to keep you up to date with your child's progress. You will receive two comprehensive written reports each year and arrangements will be made for at least one interview where you can discuss your child's development with their teacher. In addition, you can always contact the school to arrange a meeting if you have any concerns or wish to receive an update on progress.


I acknowledge that I understand and accept the terms and conditions of enrolment. I agree that there are certain expectations, obligations and guarantees required of parents/guardians of the school's students, so that a harmonious relationship may be established:

I will support and abide by school policies and rules, as amended from time to time, in relation to programs of studies, sports, pastoral care, school uniform, acceptable behaviour, child safety, discipline and general operations of the school. I will ensure that the information I have provided is kept up to date throughout the period of enrolment and I will notify the school promptly of any changes to that information (e.g. change of residential address, changes to parenting orders)

Family Pledge and Acknowledgement Financial Commitment: As the parent(s) or guardian(s) signing this enrolment agreement, it is important that you are aware you are entering into a legal contract and are therefore legally bound to pay all fees and charges for the enrolled child. Where circumstances dictate that full payment is not possible, the obligation remains on the parent(s) or guardian(s) to discuss this with the Principal at the time of enrolment. Subsequent to enrolment, a change in circumstances does not absolve the signatory(s) from their obligation for payment. Any change impacting the financial commitment of the signatory(s), should be communicated to the Principal or Business Manager as soon as possible.

I will support my child's participation in the religious life of the school (e.g. school liturgies, retreat programs).I will attend parent/teacher and information evenings which relate to my child .In the event I have any concerns, I will raise them initially with the relevant teacher or the school Principal. I will treat all members of the school community with respect as befits a Catholic school

If in time of emergencies, accidents or serious illness I cannot be contacted, I give permission for the principal (or their representative) to seek medical attention for my child as required (which may include transportation to the nearest hospital, medical centre or doctor by ambulance or private vehicle). I also understand that the signatories below are required to meet any costs incurred

As a parent/guardian, I understand that if this application is successful, I will support the vision of the school and parish. In accepting the enrolment, I agree to abide by all of the school's policies, procedures and protocols (Policies). These Policies are reviewed regularly and may be subject to change at the school's discretion. I will work with the school to support any academic/social/behavioural needs of my child. I agree to support my child's participation in the religious life of the school (e.g. school liturgies, Masses etc.). The consequence of not complying with the school's Policies may result in the termination of the enrolment.

I understand that if any misleading information has been provided, or any omission of significant information is made in the application for enrolment, acceptance will not be granted; or, if discovered after acceptance, enrolment may be withdrawn. I/we undertake to pay the fees charged by FCJ College. I/we agree to any charges incurred to recover overdue fees being charged to my/our account.

 Year 7 Enrolment Timeline

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