FCJ College would like to congratulate all Year 12 students across the 2020 VCE and VCAL on their results. We are very pleased with our outstanding success rate at VCE and VCAL.

We are very pleased to announce that the Dux for 2020 is Meg Walsh with an ATAR of 96.05. The runner up Dux is Matilda Fullager with an ATAR of 94.9. We are equally proud of the following students who also achieved ATAR scores over 90: Pia Salvadori – 94.85; Holly Morrison – 94.1 and Lia Greenhalgh – 91.25. We are pleased to report that many students achieved to the best of their ability in spite of the disruptions to their year caused by COVID – 19. They have given themselves the best possible opportunity to move on to their preferred next steps in life, whether that be employment, further study or a GAP year.

FCJ College Principal, Joanne Rock, said that the staff and College community is proud of the efforts of the 2020 cohort. “It is really important to note that we are equally proud of all our students who put in their best effort regardless of whether they completed their VCE or VCAL. We are proud to have played a pivotal part in preparing these young people over their six years of secondary school education.”

Ms Rock also said, “The breadth of opportunities available to our students through VCE, VCAL and VET has ensured that the senior students at FCJ College have been able to tailor courses to suit their particular needs and interests. Today’s results will enable them now to step forward with confidence and a sense of achievement that opens new doors into their futures. We wish all the students well on the next stage of their journey – FCJ College will always be here to help and advise them as needed, and to celebrate their future successes with them. We hope that they will continue to be as proud of their FCJ College heritage as we are of them.”

FCJ College’s Study score median was 30.

6% of achieved study scores were over 40.

The median ATAR score was 68.74.

19% of students achieve ATARs of 90 or above.

30% of students earned ATARs over 80.

48% of students achieved ATARs of 70 or above.

63% of students achieved ATARs over 60.