The Let’s Find Our Voice program is a wellbeing project that brings together the residents from Cooinda with students from FCJ College. 

This year, approximately sixty Year 7 students travelled to Cooinda to take part in a joint choir.  

During the seven weeks of rehearsals, friendships develop between the visiting students and Cooinda’s older people.  There is a tangible buzz in the air when the students arrive, which brings about a magical transformation to Cooinda.  During the rehearsals the room is filled with energy and happiness.

“According to research, group singing and engaging with young people encourages a feeling of positive wellbeing,” said Mr McKenna, Cooinda Chief Executive Officer.  “This is very much the case at Cooinda.

“Our people who choose to participate in the choir enjoy feelings of wellbeing, with infectious smiles and shining eyes, lasting well after the rehearsals have finished,” he said.

These rehearsals culminate in a concert at BPACC at the end of the term. As it draws closer, there is a real sense of anticipation for the big day. While it largely involves the 36 Cooinda residents and Year 7 students, many other students contribute to the project. Year 10 students write and present the memoirs of six Cooinda residents, the music students accompany the choir, there are technical assistants, caterers, photographers and ushers. The whole community contributes to this very special concert.

The Let’s Find Our Voice program, promotes a sense of purpose, altruism, and the character strengths of kindness and leadership. 

An integral part of the project is the making of the lip sync film. This allows the participants to learn about the complexity of film making. While it is a lot of hard work, everybody agrees that they have a lot of fun.