The strength of this project is in its inclusive nature and the involvement of so many. The Year seven students volunteer with enthusiasm to befriend the residents of Cooinda Village. Each week the residents are waiting in anticipation to welcome us. The staff join in and away we go.

There are so many benefits from this program. Our students learn to offer companionship, they learn empathy and they learn to sing. It promotes a sense of purpose, altruism and the character strengths of kindness and leadership.

The Let’s Find Our Voice project lifts moods, improves confidence and promotes inclusion. It allows two very different groups, people who would not ordinarily meet, to come together and make strong connections. Group singing can transport a person. It can help someone to recall a time in their life and it transcends individual ability.

Our grateful thanks to Tomorrow Today. It is with their support that we are able to bring this project to fruition. And the Phil Billington Arts and Social Justice scholarship, awarded through the Sandhurst Diocese has provided recognition and significant financial security for the years to come.

There is an enormous amount of goodwill that surrounds this project. Both from within and beyond FCJ College. But the final words are from a student who when asked about the project replied:

“The best thing is when we walk in and see the huge smiles on their faces.” Lilli

By Catherine Burton